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Zee Oil Permitted To Extend Services

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Zee Oil and Gas has been granted permits by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) to extend its oil and gas service footprints.

The oil and gas operator has recently been granted five major permits by the industry apex regulatory body to offer key services across vital segments of the local oil and gas market. The permits position Zee Oil and Gas as one of the foremost operational and technical servicing firms in the most valuable market in Africa’s largest economy.

The firm’s new market position is further strengthened by its proven expertise and undisputed operational testimonials as it was put through regulatory scrutiny before the permits were granted.

The latest permits grant the company authorization to undertake engineering services, carry out electrical installation and maintenance work, supply equipment and material services which comprise valves, nozzles, flanges, seals, ‘O’ rings, bolts and nuts.

The permit also allows the oil firm to run Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and chemical supply (general purpose and Analar grade), as well as deliver goods, materials and petroleum products road haulage in the oil and gas industry.

Speaking on the importance of the DPR’s permits granted to the firm, the CEO of Zee Innovative Developments Limited, Ekene Ugbebor said: “We continue to demonstrate an apt understanding of the oil and gas industry.”

“This unrivalled market depth serves as a key success factor in all servicing and consulting engagements for our clients as we have consistently delivered efficient, cost-effective oil and gas support programs that keep delighting our clients.

The combination of permits granted to our firm by the Department of Petroleum Resources serves as a fresh lever for extending our impact across the industry network as we gear up to stimulate further efficiency in the market,” he added.

Zee Oil and Gas had previously established its brand capital as one of the top agencies in the industry by bringing innovation into servicing the last mile of the downstream oil and gas supply chain.

Its extended portfolio, Zee Mobile App and monitoring tools also improve the operational capacity of clients’ off-grid power generating facilities, energy retailing infrastructure and ancillary equipment.

The company said the scaled DPR permit would see it key into its deep line up of overseas and local partners to deliver impressive returns for clients across sectors.

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