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Emerson: Rapidly Identify Leaks And Efficiently Manage Operations Across The Pipeline With Real-Time Access To Mission Critical Data

PipelineManager: The industry’s most powerful set of simulation-based applications that transforms obscure pipeline data into intuitive charts, graphs and maps.

Get Instant Insight into Daily Operations


Complying with safe operating regulations and struggling to balance nominations with capacity are just a few of the daily concerns that pipeline operators face. Emerson’s PipelineManager consolidates data from multiple sources in real time and presents it in an intuitive format to enable quick, accurate decision making across the entire pipeline. Data is never more than a mouse click away and all screens are designed with end users in mind.

What If You Could Improve…

Visibility to Current Operations

PipelineManager provides a detailed picture of current operations and simplifies the tracking of products, fluid composition, ownership, pigs, scrapers and many other activities down the line. It also includes detailed models for piping, valves, tanks, heaters, coolers, control system logic and more.

Leak Detection

This industry-leading solution includes multiple leak detection technologies, ranging from pinhole leaks to ruptures. An offline tool documents the actual reliability, sensitivity and accuracy of the leak detection system regardless of the flowing conditions.

The Nomination Process

The system allows customer nominations to be physically validated to ensure the required capacity is available.

Operator Confidence

An optional training simulator offers a set of predictive tools that teach controllers how to evaluate various operating strategies, enhancing decision-making skills and operator confidence.

Intuitive Graphical User Interface

Give controllers real-time access to data that is presented in a variety of easy-to-understand formats, including tables, graphs, network views, reports and standard application-specific screens.

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