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A.R. Watson

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A. R. Watson International (NZ) and A. R. Watson, Incorporated (USA) represent three decades of experience. Founded in Auckland, New Zealand in 1980 as A. R. Watson Holding, Ltd. to trade as a mechanical engineering construction business, supplying services to the petroleum, petrochemical and gas industries, A. R. Watson has developed a reputation as a capable contractor able to handle large projects and develop innovative, cost effective solutions to engineering problems. In 1996, the group came to the United States to form A. R. Watson, USA, LLC that later was reformed as A. R. Watson, Inc. The group operates throughout the world in areas such as New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands, Asia, Canada, the United States and South America.

A.R. Watson has developed a unique method for lifting above ground storage tanks. Over 1000 bulk storage tanks of sizes up to 300 feet in diameter, 1800 tons in weight have been lifted using the technology, for which U.S. patent No. 5,232,202. and No. 5,397,103. have been issued. Further international patents are pending. The “Watson Air Lift®” Technology utilizes air bags placed beneath the tank walls to lift the tank, incrementally to any height. Each air bag inflation lifts the tank approximately 6 inches.

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