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Preventing corrosion and extending asset life.

In business for 45 years, MATCOR is a global company that prevents corrosion, maintains safe and reliable operations and prevents devastating failures through turnkey cathodic protection and AC mitigation programs. These include proprietary products and services that extend the life of major infrastructure assets such as oil, gas and water pipelines, above ground storage tanks, power plants, energy facilities and well casings.

MATCOR Tank Ring Anode System

MATCOR has developed an accurate, reliable and easy to install impressed current cathodic protection system for the bottoms of above ground storage tanks (AST’s). MATCOR’s unique SPL-Anode system with patented Kynex® technology is manufactured in concentric rings and ready for installation on a specific tank.

Once designed and manufactured by MATCOR, installation is as easy as laying out the rings per a drawing provided by MATCOR and connecting the header cables to the rectifier.
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HDD Installation for Existing Tanks

The use of advanced HDD technology allows for the installation of linear anodes and reference electrodes under existing tanks with non-shielding secondary containment liners.

MATCOR’s fleet of HDD rigs are operated by highly experienced drillers utilizing the latest electronic tracking technologies to assure the highest degree of safety and reliability during the critical drilling operations.

In addition to manufacturing, MATCOR provides complete design, engineering, construction, and installation for tank and tank farm cathodic protection systems.

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