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EEMUA – the Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association – is a non-profit membership organization that exists to serve its member companies, which are the users of engineering equipment and materials. EEMUA is an internationally recognized source of expertise and information for the engineering industry with a cross sector, cross industry approach. Find out more about EEMUA’s contribution to site safety by watching a short film featuring a number of our member companies.

Through its broad range of activities and its members’ breadth and depth of engineering expertise, EEMUA helps improve the safety, environmental and operating performance of industrial facilities in the most cost-effective way. It does this by focusing its efforts on the most critical issues for owners and operators of industrial assets, helping them maintain the right balance of in-house engineering expertise, promoting a skilled and competent workforce, staying abreast of a broad and an increasingly complex regulatory landscape and operating their capital assets efficiently, effectively and in compliance with relevant legislation, regulation and standards.


Our ambition is that everyone across the world who owns or uses engineering equipment and materials turns to EEMUA first. Regulators, industrial asset owners and business leaders will see membership as vital, whatever the size or sector, and wherever they are in the world.


Our mission is to attract engineers from a wide variety of industries across the world to share experiences, learn, and solve problems. We will show them they can rely on EEMUA to help improve their safety, efficiency, regulatory compliance and bottom line.

EEMUA has a pivotal role to play in ensuring members’ physical assets and user requirements are in the best possible shape to make significant contributions to their companies. This means keeping members abreast of the latest industry news and working closely with regulatory, standards and other business or industry bodies to ensure the users’ voice is well represented in the corridors of power.

Key to this is enabling the sharing of members’ experiences to develop good and best practice and promote a skilled and competent workforce.

Find out more about EEMUA’s activities in the latest EEMUA Review.

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