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PETRONAS Uses Halliburton Tech

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Halliburton Company has said the implementation of the Halliburton Digital Well Program® and Digital Well Operation DecisionSpace® 365 cloud solutions are the foundation for PETRONAS enterprise digital Well Integrated Operation (WIO).

The selection marks the culmination of a two-year technology assessment with multiple technology providers.

The Halliburton Digital Well Program empowers drilling teams to generate technically and economically feasible notional drilling programs in a matter of hours.

The first part of WIO will focus on integrating the front-end engineering workflows, which will address the current working challenges and increase process cycle efficiency. It provides engineers with a web-based, interactive, standardized, and automated solution that integrates all relevant information on a single platform to ensure optimal well design without compromising any existing technical assurance processes.

The Halliburton Digital Well Program and Digital Well Operation solutions enables a comprehensive overview from project inception of well planning and development to well delivery.

These solutions encompass well program tasks for each stage, in which the result is a unified environment across all types of engineering and operational workflows that enables the business to implement engineering policies and procedures across the technical organization. Any amendments made at any stage of the processes will be reflected across the organization automatically.

“Digital Well Program, Digital Well Operations and other innovative technologies enable a single pre-integrated platform for drilling engineers to optimize well delivery as well as planning and drilling operation execution,” said Nagaraj Srinivasan, senior vice president of Landmark, Halliburton Digital Solutions and Consulting.

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