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Navitas Installs Honeywell UOP For Permian Basin

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Navitas Midstream Partners has purchased a 200 million cubic foot per day (cfpd) gas processing plant from Honeywell UOP to extract natural gas liquids from natural gas produced in several counties in the Permian Basin.

Honeywell’s solution includes design and supply of a UOP modular cryogenic plant with refrigeration and dehydration units. The plant uses Ortloff Recycle Split Vapor (RSV) technology to recover high-value ethane and propane from natural gas.

“Navitas Midstream selected this design because it combines the most advanced Ortloff technologies with the quality of UOP equipment,” said David Dickinson, midstream business director at UOP. “We’re delivering a plant that’s designed to reliably recover NGLs at high rates from the rich feed gas composition in the Permian Basin.”

Ortloff, which became part of UOP in 2018, brings the industry’s most advanced expertise in the recovery of high-value natural gas liquids from natural gas streams. Ortloff technologies are specialized to maximize NGL recovery, providing customers with high operational flexibility and greater returns on plant investments. Ortloff also specializes in unique technologies for removing sulfur from refinery feedstocks, ensuring high plant reliability and operability.

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