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ExxonMobil’s Exxtend technology for advanced recycling virtual tour

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In a video showcasing ExxonMobil’s Exxtend(TM) technology in action in Texas, the company highlights its chemical recycling unit capable of processing up to 40,000 metric tons of plastic waste annually.

Chemical recycling, also referred to as advanced recycling, emerges as a solution to the plastic waste challenge by converting hard-to-recycle plastics into high-quality raw materials suitable for various products. This technology complements traditional mechanical recycling methods.

With a growing global demand for increased recycling capacity surpassing mechanical recycling capabilities, there exists a significant opportunity to expand this innovative technology worldwide, including in Europe.

ExxonMobil is exploring the possibility of constructing a pilot project for a similar facility at its Antwerp refinery, with the potential to scale up to processing 40,000 tons of plastic waste annually. This initiative aligns with recycling goals set by Flanders, Belgium, and the EU, while also serving as a vital investment for the future of the Antwerp refinery.

However, challenges related to permits pose a risk to the project’s progress or its relocation to other regions. Nonetheless, ExxonMobil aims to add up to 500,000 metric tons per year of chemical recycling capacity globally by 2026, contingent upon a supportive policy framework.

With the right policies in place, ExxonMobil remains optimistic about bringing such investments to its region, contributing to a sustainable future.

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