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Heroes of New Orleans and IMTT team up to make positive change in New Orleans

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Growing up in the 1980s within the Fischer Projects of New Orleans, Gregory Ravy experienced firsthand the challenges of his community, where poverty and lack of opportunity were prevalent. Despite the adversities, Ravy found support and guidance from mentors, enabling him to pursue higher education and a successful career as a drill and fluid engineer for Baker Hughes.

In 2015, during a visit back to his old neighborhood, Ravy felt a calling to give back to the community that shaped him. Organizing an outdoor fun day for the local children, he soon realized the profound impact such initiatives could have. Thus, Heroes of New Orleans was born, with a mission to provide positive and constructive activities for youth while connecting them with role models and mentors.

Greg Ravy talks with kids about communication skills at the Heroes of New Orleans community center in Algiers on Thursday, March 7, 2024. (photo by Brett Duke)

Since its establishment in 2016, Heroes of New Orleans has served over 500 young individuals and their families in the Algiers community. Through its youth workforce development program, teenagers aged 14 to 19 are equipped with essential skills such as resume building, interviewing techniques, financial literacy, and job training.

With the support of a $500,000 grant from IMTT’s Community Impact Initiative, Heroes of New Orleans is expanding its services to adults with a new program called Heroes Building Families Powered by IMTT. This initiative aims to empower breadwinners within households with similar skillsets taught in the youth program, alongside financial literacy and leadership training.

The partnership with IMTT not only provides financial assistance but also offers invaluable volunteer support from IMTT employees, further enriching the organization’s capacity to serve the community. Through these collaborative efforts, Heroes of New Orleans and IMTT are working together to create positive change and opportunities for underserved individuals and families in the Algiers area.

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