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Cowboy’s Ross Road Terminal Opening

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Cowboy, a full-service midstream provider, has announced the planned opening of its Ross Road Terminal.

The Ross Road Terminal is a crude oil truck offload facility in the Powder River Basin. The terminal will be capable of offloading and shipping Powder River crude in volumes of up to 20,000 bpd.

Cowboy’s Ross Road Terminal is strategically placed in the Powder River Basin on Ross Road and sits directly adjacent, and is tied into, Cowboy Midstream’s Powell Lateral II Pipeline.

Ross Road Terminal will initially include truck offloading LACTs, storage capacity of 10,000 barrels, full PDC/MCC, and pipeline pumps. The Powell Lateral II Pipeline is connected into a larger transmission system that will give shippers the opportunity to access and capitalize on multiple downstream markets for their Powder River crude.

“Cowboy is excited to place its crude transportation system in operation to bring high quality Rocky Mountain Sweet Crude to market via its low-cost Powell Lateral II transportation system connected to Midwest, Wyoming and all destinations beyond,” said Gregg Werger of Cowboy Midstream LLC.

Construction activities are underway, and Cowboy expects the new terminal to be ready for crude oil receipt and transportation April 1, 2022.

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