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A little bit of LPG in our day to day lives

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If there’s a fuel that’s competent, portable, sustainable, versatile, and accessible, it’s obviously the Exceptional Energy – LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas).

It is with pride that SUPERGAS leads in shaping a better tomorrow by offering efficient energy solutions through LPG, all time, every time.

Let’s have a look at how we have a little bit of LPG in our day-to-day life:

  1. Whether a hotel, restaurant, cafe, catering, or any other commercial food establishment, LPG undoubtedly is one of the best cooking fuels in terms of reducing indoor air pollution, cost-effectiveness, and high calorific value.
  2. Everyone loves dressing impeccably, and it’s the textile industry behind the production of cloth and apparel, the basic necessity after food. The textile industry uses LPG in finishing processes like singeing, calendaring, and fabric drying.
  3. India loses up to $100 billion annually to corrosion, which can be checked using galvanized steel structures. LPG is integral to the highly reliable, stable infrastructure of hot-dip galvanized transmission towers and poles. LPG protects the metals from oxidation and corrosion without tipping the power loss.
  4. A mark of identity and the finishing touch to our styling, perfume or deodorant is something we elaborately choose! Aerosol-grade LPG is prevalent- free of unsaturates, environmentally safe, and lightweight.
  5. The pharmaceutical industry is a key asset to our wellness. LPG plays a major role in direct firing systems, hot water generators and boilers in medicines manufacture. LPG is used to produce high-quality paper, sheets, rolls, and boxes for packing medicines.
  6. If you are into cars and bikes, you might be well-versed in the auto-ancillary industry. LPG is a mature, reliable yet quite niche fuel catering to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and the production of high-value precision instruments in the automotive segment.
  7. LPG baking ovens help us prepare high-quality, well-presented, and appetizing bakery treats.

As heat from the ovens travels through, it transforms batters and doughs into baked goods with a firm, dry crust, and a softer centre; cost-effective and environmentally friendly indeed!

  1. Whether it is a home, office, restaurant, hospital or any establishment, functioning becomes very difficult without water and storage of water is crucial. LPG rotomolded water tanks have become popular due to their light weight, durability, easy installation & maintenance, and availability.
  2. Our fond childhood memories go back to when mom reads us our favourite story at bedtime, right?

So, just letting you know, the paper and printing industry relies heavily on LPG. Paper drying is an energy-intensive process in which high-temperature LPG radiant panels are utilized to dry the inscribed pages.

  1. A well-painted home, restaurant or office always leaves a good impression. LPG also makes a grand entry into the paint, and varnish industries, being an integral part of the thermic fluid heating and steam generation applications because of its precise, effective temperature control!
  2. LPG’s industrial benefits are visible in the manufacture of glass & ceramic products. It is an ideal fuel for use in the gloss firing of pottery and ceramics, thus taking care of the soot issues faced by using other fuels.
  3. Refrigerators, washing machines and almirahs are all essential items. Their look & feel depends on how effectively powder coating is done. Using superior-grade LPG to heat the powder film lends a tough, smooth finish, better than other fuels, and this is how LPG saves the day in this application.

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