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8 Rivers Net Zero Power Station Participation

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US company 8 Rivers Capital is to work with UK bulk liquid firm Navigator Terminals to assess opportunities for the transport, storage and handling of carbon dioxide, hydrogen and ammonia.

Navigator is looking towards the energy transition and helping the UK meet its net zero targets, and as such is exploring how to facilitate the ship transfer of CO2 emissions and handling low carbon fuels.

Furthermore, 8 Rivers’ UK group – a leading clean energy and clean fuels technology developer – is a key participant in the proposed Whitetail Clean Energy Net Zero power station at the Wilton International site in Teesside, UK, which will make use of a semi-closed loop technology with oxycombustion to burn gas cleanly and, carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology.

The project team plans to look at Navigator’s existing network of assets, which includes more than 1.28 million m3 of storage, a deep-water jetty and rail handling facilities, to assess its potential for handling CO2, hydrogen and ammonia.

Navigator’s own UK Teesside terminal is fully integrated into the UK’s largest chemical cluster in Teesside, which includes the Wilton site, and can rapidly scale to support the industry’s decarbonization efforts.

Due to the chemical cluster, its proximity to the depleted gas fields of the North Sea, and existing pipeline connections, Teesside is being touted as an ideal CCS hub for the UK.

Navigator’s terminals could be used to store produced CO2, hydrogen, or ammonia, before transport via ship or pipeline.

“We are focused on supporting our regions to decarbonize and utilize the highest quality fuels and energy carriers, as part of supporting the UK to reach Net Zero we are adapting to the changing needs of our local industries,” said Jason Hornsby, CEO of Navigator Terminals.

“We recognize that in the coming decades there will be significant volumes of CO2 to be shipped for storage and this partnership with 8 Rivers forms the first step in understanding and then deploying the infrastructure needed to help the Northeast meet its decarbonization goals, creating significant jobs and supply chain benefits in the process.”

Cam Hosie, CEO of 8 Rivers Capital, added: “Once the CO2 is captured, we need to explore, understand, and deliver infrastructure to support these assets to successfully transfer, transport and store CO2 for transport to permanent storage locations.

“Navigator Terminals is a leading UK terminal operator and has recognized the significant potential of CO2, hydrogen, and ammonia transport in the coming decades.”

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