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Westwood Global Energy Group’s key wells to watch in 2021

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Westwood Global Energy Group has highlighted 20 key wells to watch this year. Two of the wells listed (Venus offshore Namibia and Perseverance offshore Bahamas) are frontier basin tests which, if successful, can open multi-billion barrel plays, it said.

Seven of the 20 wells are said to be testing new plays in proven basins, or testing extensions of proven plays in deeper water, and six are said to be testing extensions to proven commercial deepwater plays with significant potential, albeit at some risk.

Five of the key wells are large prospects in proven plays, which will be high value if successful, for example Edinburgh offshore UK and Dan Day offshore Vietnam.

Westwood’s 20 wells to watch

Stangnestind – Aker BP

Edinburgh – Shell

Pelles – CNOOC

Silverback – Chevron

Chimalli – Shell

Zip – Equinor

Perseverance – BPC

Bulletwood – Exxon

Bonboni – Total

Sergipe – Exxon

Nemo – Total

Venus – Total

Ondjaba – Total

Jaca – Galp

Cyp 6 – Eni

Ulcinj – Eni

Leb 9 – Total

N Khali – BP

Rencong – Repsol

Dan Day – Eni

Westwood highlighted that 2020 closed with 72 high impact wells completed. This figure marked a decrease from the 99 high impact wells seen in 2019, but a similar level to those seen between 2016 and 2018.

It estimates that around 17 billion barrels of oil equivalent were discovered from high impact exploration last year. This figure was said to be down slightly from 2019 but more than 2017 and 2018 put together. The company noted that the three largest discoveries of 2020 were all claimed by Rosneft in the Kara Sea and West Siberia.

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