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Vopak Integrates Honeywell Tech

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Royal Vopak has integrated the Honeywell Enraf Inventory Calculation Module (HEICM) into its MyService Terminal Management System (TMS). Developed in cooperation with Royal Vopak, MyService is used at Vopak terminals to facilitate the efficient storage and handling of bulk liquid products and gases.

HEICM was developed using agile software development principles. It accurately calculates inventories and product movement quantities for a massive range of liquid products stored at the sites. All the calculations provided meet major international, recognized standards and publications, including those of American Society for Testing and Materials, American Petroleum Institute and Gas Processors Association.

“Integrating Honeywell’s measurement modules with our bespoke MyService software is creating a competitive advantage for Vopak’s services,” said Leo Brand, chief information officer of Royal Vopak. “Honeywell’s legal metrology expertise and long experience providing compliant, accurate liquid stock accounting made it an ideal strategic partner for our digital transformation program.”

HEICM will enable Royal Vopak terminals to perform consistent and efficient terminal inventory calculations and compliance-related verifications, contributing to operational excellence.

“We’re pleased our work with Royal Vopak on the HEICM development resulted in a comprehensive calculation engine tailored for the terminal market,” said Rudi van der Kraats, director of Strategic Terminal Accounts for Honeywell Process Solutions. “Software-driven, intelligent technologies such as HEICM are part of our strategy to provide a full terminal automation solution.”

Honeywell plans to make HEICM available to other terminal operating companies around the world for similar TMS integrations, as well as a stand-alone/cloud version which can be used by independent surveyors.

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