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Vopak digitization complete

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Advanced 3D Laser Solutions Group has finished digitizing one of the world’s most effective, safest and cleanest tank storage facilities.

Vopak’s Deer Park Terminal in Houston Texas stores biofuels, chemicals, petroleum products, base oils and lubricants in its 243 tanks.

Advanced 3D Laser Solutions Group (A3D) said scanning the 1.8km long facility took just 14 weeks, including the tanks, 5 ship docks, over 45 rail/road loading stations and 24 hose exchanges producing over 650 very precise 2D P&IDs from 3D scan data using FARO Focus Scanners.

It said: “We completed the whole survey, recording a total of 5,136 scans and including scan file registration, filtering and data processing in just three months, during the Texas wet season.

To work as efficiently as possible, A3D planned individual aspects of the job to run concurrently, such as scanning and registering one area, which was converted immediately ready for the CAD team to start building the P&IDs before returning to field validation and client E&I updates.

A3D added: “For project aftercare, we are now intending to keep Deer Park’s P&IDs as-built using our revolutionary 4D Lizard software we have developed and we look to use the point cloud data for bund volume analysis, tank integrity etc. A virtual site tour is likely to reduce required site visits by up to 40 percent, massively reducing H&S risks, increasing efficiencies and reducing costs across the entire terminal operation.”

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