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USWS Deploys Electric Fleet For Midland Project

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US Well Services will be deploying an all-electric Clean Fleet to work for Pioneer Natural Resources Company. The electric fleet will support Pioneer’s Midland Basin completion operations for the fourth quarter of 2021.

“US Well Services is thrilled to be working with Pioneer on this field trial,” commented Joel Broussard, USWS’s president and CEO. “Pioneer is not only a best-in-class operator in the Permian Basin, but has also taken a leadership role in the oil and gas industry by committing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We believe our Clean Fleet technology will enable Pioneer to reduce completion costs while also lowering the emissions intensity of its operations.”

US Well Services is a provider of hydraulic fracturing services and a market leader in electric fracture stimulation. The company’s patented electric frac technology provides one of the first fully electric, mobile well stimulation systems powered by locally-supplied natural gas, including field gas sourced directly from the wellhead.

The company’s electric frac technology dramatically decreases emissions, sound pollution and truck traffic while generating exceptional operational efficiencies, including significant customer fuel cost savings versus conventional diesel fleets.

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