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US Well Services New Contract

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US Well Services has entered into a contract to provide electric pressure pumping services for the operating subsidiaries of Callon Petroleum Company in the Permian Basin and the Eagle Ford Shale for up to three years.

“We are excited to support Callon’s long-term completion program and build off of our shared success from the field trial earlier this year where Callon eliminated 270,000 gallons of diesel fuel needs, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and delivered over 160 frac stages in a safe and efficient manner,” said Joel Broussard, US Well Services’ President and CEO.

“Callon is a premier E&P operator, and the decision to contract an all-electric Clean Fleet as part of their completion program demonstrates Callon’s commitment to environmental stewardship, safety and efficiency. We look forward to delivering best-in-class performance, GHG emissions reductions and industry-leading fuel cost savings.”

Jeff Balmer, SVP and chief operating officer, commented: “Callon is committed to safe, efficient, and sustainable development of our expansive multi-zone asset base.

“The achievements of our E-frac pilot earlier this year proved that US Well Services is a highly capable completion partner that can help us advance our sustainability efforts, while delivering the reliability and operational performance we have come to expect from top-tier service vendors.

“We look forward to having them as part of our completion program in 2022.”

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