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U.S. Venture Inc. introduces innovative solution to reduce VOC emissions in gasoline storage tanks

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U.S. Venture, Inc., a leader in the energy sector, has introduced an innovative solution for reducing volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions in gasoline storage tanks. Their standard for new construction involves a floating roof with a primary “shoe” seal and a secondary wiper seal design, which is recognized as one of the most efficient configurations available.

These floating roofs are designed to sit on top of the stored liquid and rise and fall with the liquid level. This unique design eliminates the vapor space above the product, effectively curbing vaporization and greatly reducing the release of VOC and hazardous air pollutant (HAP) emissions.

By adopting this floating roof design with primary “shoe” seals and secondary wiper seals, U.S. Venture, Inc. is taking a significant step towards sustainable practices in the energy industry. Their commitment to reducing emissions and promoting environmental responsibility is evident in their efforts to develop innovative technologies for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

To gain further insight into U.S. Venture, Inc.’s sustainability initiatives, interested individuals can refer to their most recent Sustainability Report. This report provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s dedication to sustainability and showcases their pioneering efforts to minimize environmental impact.

U.S. Venture, Inc. continues to set the standard for gasoline storage tank construction, prioritizing emissions reduction and environmental stewardship. Through their floating roof design and commitment to sustainability, they are driving positive change in the industry and paving the way for a greener future.

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