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Trans Mountain provides update on the Mountain 3 horizontal directional drill

Read Time: 2 mins

Trans Mountain has achieved a significant milestone in their pipeline project by successfully removing the pipe from the original pullback. This accomplishment marks an important step forward in the ongoing preparatory work for the new pullback, which includes essential tasks such as coating and welding the pipe.

In addition to these necessary activities, Trans Mountain is also making progress in civil, structural, and piping work for the new trap facilities near Mountain 3, located in the Fraser Valley between Hope and Chilliwack, BC. This comprehensive effort demonstrates their commitment to ensuring a seamless and efficient operation.

As part of their diligent efforts, welding activities are currently underway at Mountain 3 in the Fraser Valley. This region holds strategic significance for the project, and Trans Mountain’s focus on this area highlights their dedication to meeting the project’s objectives.

With a clear vision in mind, Trans Mountain is diligently working towards the anticipated in-service date in the second quarter of 2024. This timeline showcases their commitment to delivering the project on schedule and ensuring its successful completion.

Overall, Trans Mountain’s progress in removing the pipe from the original pullback, ongoing preparatory work, and welding activities at Mountain 3 demonstrate their steadfast commitment to the project’s success. By working diligently and efficiently, Trans Mountain is poised to achieve their goals and contribute to the energy infrastructure of the region.

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