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Tradebe Environmental Services and Veolia North America forge partnership

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In a strategic move to address the burgeoning demand for hazardous waste treatment capacity, Tradebe Environmental Services and Veolia North America have announced a groundbreaking commercial agreement. This agreement secures Tradebe’s guaranteed access to high-temperature treatment at Veolia’s upcoming state-of-the-art facility in Gum Springs, Arkansas, slated to commence operations in 2025.

Veolia’s cutting-edge facility at Gum Springs is poised to set a new benchmark in the industry for the safe, efficient, and reliable treatment of waste materials. The agreement with Tradebe, forged a year in advance of the facility’s opening, reflects both companies’ commitment to staying at the forefront of meeting market demands.


This innovative partnership underscores Tradebe and Veolia’s shared strategy to provide advanced solutions supporting sustainable growth for industrial players in the hazardous waste market of the United States. As a prominent figure in the hazardous waste treatment sector in the U.S., Veolia aims to further expand its presence to meet the escalating demand.

Fred Van Heems, president and CEO of Veolia North America, expressed satisfaction with the partnership, highlighting its collaborative approach to addressing environmental waste challenges. He emphasized the necessity of forward-thinking strategies to cater to the increasing thermal treatment demand across the nation.

Oriol Mateu, CEO of Tradebe Environmental Services U.S., echoed Van Heems’ sentiments, emphasizing the partnership’s significance in advancing innovation and enhancing customer satisfaction. Mateu highlighted the synergy between the companies’ expertise, technology, and resources, which will provide customers with seamless end-to-end services, addressing existing market inefficiencies and gaps.

Aligned with their shared commitment to sustainability, Veolia’s forthcoming facility will employ environmentally friendly technology for self-powering operations. The high-temperature thermal treatment will utilise energy generated from a solar farm, offering a more sustainable option for the market and the environment.

The agreement, commencing in 2024, is poised to facilitate a seamless transition for both companies, ensuring uninterrupted operations when the Gum Springs facility comes online in 2025.

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