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The Tank Tiger, LLC announces the launch of a peer-to-peer marketplace platform

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The Tank Tiger, LLC is a storage clearinghouse for all liquid commodities and has developed a digital platform to enhance peer-to-peer marketplace opportunities. MyTankTiger facilitates collaboration by allowing users to post available terminal storage or find storage that fits the needs of traders, refiners, producers, midstream and wholesalers.

With real time notifications of activity in the storage marketplace, MyTankTiger enables users to bid and communicate directly with other users. The customizable experience allows the user to select what products and areas of interest are specific to the user’s industry.

The following testimonials are from current MyTankTiger users.

John Blanchard, CEO of Odfjell Terminals: “We have worked with The Tank Tiger over the years and have enjoyed the opportunities they bring us. The new digital platform has helped streamline their process immensely. Our commercial team appreciates the ease of finding potential customers and receiving feedback in real time. It’s a value-add platform that easily facilitates terminal collaboration with their vast network of clients and our potential customers.”

“We were very enthusiastic when we were asked to join The Tank Tiger’s innovative digital platform. We feel their Platform brings tremendous value to our marketing efforts.” Said Mike Suder, CEO of BWC Terminals. With 17 terminal locations across North America, BWC is a major private terminal company in North America. BWC Terminals is a premier provider of bulk liquid storage and logistics services to refiners, manufacturers, and distributors of bulk liquids in North America. The facilities are equipped to store a wide range of petroleum, chemical, renewables, and agricultural products.

Users can sign up for free at Contact: Steven Barsamian,

For more information visit