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Technip Energies and Turner Industries awarded contract by ExxonMobil for Louisiana CCUS

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Technip Energies, in consortium with Turner Industries, has been awarded the engineering, procurement, and construction contract by ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions Onshore Storage LLC. Under this contract, Technip Energies will oversee engineering and procurement, while Turner Industries will handle the construction.

The contract encompasses the delivery of a carbon capture, utilization, & storage system designed to condition, compress, and transport up to 800,000 metric tons of CO2 per year from Nucor Corporation’s manufacturing plant in Convent, Louisiana, for eventual storage. Nucor Corporation is North America’s largest steel producer and recycler.

Nucor’s Convent site produces direct reduced iron, a raw material mixed with recycled scrap at Nucor steel mills to manufacture higher-grade steel products, including automobile parts, household appliances, and tools and machinery. The CCUS system will enable the facility to produce DRI with up to 80 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional blast furnace iron production methods.

ExxonMobil selected Technip Energies to perform the front-end engineering design. Together with Turner Industries, they developed the EPC execution approach.

Christophe Malaurie, SVP decarbonization solutions at Technip Energies, commented: “This award is a testament to our leading expertise in delivering efficient CCUS solutions. By supporting ExxonMobil’s planned emissions reduction project at the Nucor direct reduced iron plant, we, along with our partner Turner Industries, are directly contributing to emissions reductions in hard-to-abate industries.”

Mark Brittain, president of construction for Turner Industries, added: “Building on our history of successful collaborations with ExxonMobil, Turner Industries is honored to contribute to this significant carbon capture and storage project. This aligns with our commitment to delivering innovative solutions in the carbon capture and storage space and advancing sustainable industrial processes. We are excited to partner with Technip Energies and ExxonMobil on this critical project, leveraging our construction expertise to support Nucor Corporation’s goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.”

This collaboration marks a significant step in advancing carbon capture technologies and reducing emissions, demonstrating the commitment of Technip Energies, Turner Industries, and ExxonMobil to sustainable industrial processes.

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