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Tank Storage Association launches 2024 industry manifesto

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The Tank Storage Association, the national trade association representing the interests of the bulk storage and energy infrastructure sector, launches its 2024 industry manifesto.

The document sets out six steps that the UK government in the next parliament could take to help secure a responsive, flexible, robust, and resilient bulk storage and energy infrastructure sector today and in the journey towards carbon neutrality.

Our key manifesto priorities are:

  • Close collaboration and partnership with industry to ensure that the sector becomes a driver of change and contributes to shaping the next decades.
  • A plan for the future that recognizes the significant contribution of the bulk storage and energy infrastructure sector and its innovative capabilities.
  • Funding stream, permitting, and procurement procedures that facilitate the participation of bulk storage and energy infrastructure operators.
  • Consider storage as a Net Zero technology/strategic sector to ensure that the energy transition advances in parallel with the required changes in the sector.
  • Explore how stockpiling obligations should change in light of geopolitical and transitional developments for enhanced strategic storage, and explore the expansion of obligations to future energy carriers.
  • Review the application methodology for future phases of the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund to highlight the importance of infrastructure, including terminals and tank farms, in enabling Net Zero policy decisions.

Peter Davidson, CEO of the Tank Storage Association, said: “We are inviting any future government to join us on our journey to deliver growth and prosperity by collaborating with the bulk storage and energy infrastructure sector and take full advantage of the wealth of opportunities ahead in the journey to Net Zero.

The TSA urges all parties and parliamentary candidates in the forthcoming general election to read the manifesto. This is a decisive moment for the bulk storage and energy infrastructure sector and we look forward to working together to bring maximum benefit to our country.”

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