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Total Plate a TF Warren Company

TF Warren Group has opened a new facility, Total Plate Processing, to provide burned, beveled, and rolled plate primarily to service the ground storage tank industry.  Total Plate’s strategically located site can now provide enhanced cost savings associated with transportation and processing of steel plate.

Total Plate Processing has a plate fabrication line setup to complement the Blastech Mobile blast and prime line also located on site of an Alabama steel mill. The highly efficient line can load and unload from either end of the facility. It is equipped with a large burning table and a high-end rolling machine. These services were designed to improve and ease the method of plate processing for the storage tank industry.

Total Plate Processing’s 20,000 sq. ft. custom-built facility is equipped with a high speed, high definition plasma burning table and state of the art plate rolls making this a value added service to the existing blast and prime line.  The facility located in Axis, Alabama offers a combination of services that are significant for cost savings such as different shop coatings, burning capabilities up to 2” thick, and rolled plates of all thicknesses up to 1.5” x 120” wide and 600” long. The new facility includes:

  • State-of-the-art high-definition plasma compound beveling heads
  • State of the art 4-roll plate rolling equipment with tilting in-feed and out-feed tables with the ability to roll thicknesses from 3/16” – 1.5” of hot rolled steel plate
  • A high definition 360 degree rotating plasma cutting head capable of processing plate 10’ wide by 60’ long on an 83’ down draft table
  • Both plasma bevel and mechanical bevel to high precision tolerances
  • Full traceability ensured through our plate tracking system

All plate processing is performed to the highest quality standards to achieve our primary objective of total customer satisfaction through enhanced cost savings associated with transportation and steel plate processing.

12400 Highway 43 North, Axis, AL 36505,
United States
Tel: +1 346-224-5161
Fax: +1 251-662-4629