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Qi2 Elements

Superior Inspection Intelligence

At Qi2 Elements our mission is to enable the digital transformation of the oil & gas industry through the development and delivery of superior inspection intelligence that is readily accessible, easily interpreted, and highly actionable. The intelligence we offer will assist our clients to materially improve their respective integrity management schemes while safeguarding health, safety, and the environment.

Our suite of digital technologies includes advanced robotic transporters with state-of-the-art, high-fidelity UT direct measurement sensors to assure detection and accurate sizing of all critical damage. These systems include effective defect mapping capabilities to facilitate repairs and assist online condition monitoring. Our unique Advanced Sensor Tank Robotic Assessment, ASTRA series of aboveground tank systems provides both “in-service” and “out-of-service” inspections at an unmatched level of resolution and accuracy.

In a similarly progressive fashion, Qi2 Elements has developed a family of digital tools to automate the API 653 inspection process, perform 360o imaging of tanks and process 3D laser measurements to generate a digital twin of any tank.  Our SYNC 653 process automation software in that all input is captured, stored, and processed in real-time assuring uniform quality and rapid reporting. Delivered in digital format, these reports will enable operators to perform data mining and identify performance patterns.

About Qi2 Elements

Quest Integrated (Qi2 Elements) is a long-established technology incubator now providing advanced inspection and engineering assessment services for aboveground storage tanks, small tanks (STI SP001), pressure vessels, high purity equipment and pipelines. We identify and assess engineering risks, quantify material conditions, and put programs in place to ensure tank integrity and safe operation are maintainable for every tank structure. From single services to integrated solutions, we provide a range engineering services to address API, STI, EPA, and individual U.S. state standards and requirements.

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