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PEMY Consulting, LLC

We are a team of highly trained experts in various disciplines that support basic and advanced engineering for tanks, piping, vessels, and other equipment systems. PEMY Consulting brings together an extensive network of subject matter experts offering seamless answers, recommendations or analysis to your terminal, refinery and plant engineering needs.

We provide services to small and large companies in the chemical, petrochemical, paper, refining and fuels distribution industries. Our consultants specialize in tanks, piping, and pressure vessel ownership equipment, systems, and issues. We provide design, construction, management, inspection and maintenance from the Owner/User’s perspective. We have great strength in facility layout for efficiency as well as for meeting compliance with fire codes and optimization of equipment spacing for safety. In addition to basic design or project execution considerations, our expertise extends to environmental analysis, management of change, safety, reliability, total costs of ownership, incident investigations, expert witness testimony and risk management.

What We Do:


  Tanks

  Piping

  Pressure vessels

  Facility engineering

  Safety engineering

  Fire protection engineering

  Risk based inspection

  Risk assessments (qualitative and quantitative)

  Pressurized equipment integrity programs and practices

  Decision methodologies

  Hydrostatic test exemptions

  Fitness for service assessments

  Pumps, piping, and fluid flow

  Storage tank settlement analysis

  Structural analyses

  Incident investigations and accident analysis

  Develop corporate equipment standards and processes

PEMY Consulting, LLC. Philip E. Myers, Director Ph: 925-302-6707 Email:


Address: P.O. Box 23842, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523, USA