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We are the Implico Group. We keep the world moving by fueling it with data. We offer solutions and services to digitize the supply chains of the bulk industry. Going beyond digitalization, we enable our customers to embrace new forms of collaboration. To harness the power of the cloud. And to communicate barrier-free and purposeful within their networks.

When we partner with you, we take a holistic view of your business. We consult and advise. We help you implement our own software as well as cutting-edge SAP solutions. And we support you – quickly and competently! – to keep your business always in flow.

As our customer, you can be sure: Everything we do, we do with heart and soul. And we do it for you.

Here at Implico, we specialize in optimizing and automating the business and logistics processes of downstream companies: Refineries. Tank terminals. Hauliers. Service station networks. Wholesalers. Retailers. All over the world, leading energy companies trust in our thought leadership, industry expertise and next-gen IT solutions.

Our company is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany – the same place where it was founded back in 1983. Today, we also have subsidiaries in North America, Europe and Asia. We employ around 250 staff … and counting! In 2019, we acquired the IT solutions provider Brainum based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The merger brought together the innovation programs of both companies, especially in the future-looking areas of cloud and digitization.