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Fort Vale

Fort Vale Engineering Limited is the world leader in the design and manufacture of manways, safety valves and loading and discharge systems for the transportation, transfer and storage of bulk liquids and liquefied gas.

Fort Vale owns self-sufficient manufacturing facilities, having total control over all manufacturing processes from foundry to testing. From initial research and development to the final product, Fort Vale can supply quality equipment, both standard and bespoke, to meet with each client’s requirements.

The industries we serve are:

Tank Manufacturers l Tank Lessors l Tank operators l Repair Depots l Oil Terminals

It is vital that the transportation of gases and liquids by road, rail and sea is safe, and Fort Vale works with regulatory bodies so that the quality of its design, materials and manufacture ensures that first-class safety is paramount.

Our goal is not only to be the preferred supplier of new OEM equipment, but also the premier after-sales  supplier for spares. We have offices and stock in the UK, USA, Holland, Singapore, China, Russia, and Australia – as well as authorised distributors worldwide.

Our Facilities

Fort Vale is synonymous with excellence in engineering and the company takes pride in being at the cutting edge of technology.  We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility – having total control over all processes from research and development, design, investment casting, pressing, forging, plasma and laser cutting, to assembly, testing and certification. Multiple in-house test facilities are suitable for the full range of products from impact testing, air and liquid flow tests to high pressure testing for gas valves.

Specialist and bespoke work is our key strength – we can develop a design concept through to a finished product completely in-house – quickly.

Tank Products

Your tanks are your most valuable asset.  They work hard for you and you need them to be 100% dependable.  We will supply you with the safest, most durable and reliable components – so you can be confident that your vessel will give you the best service and the maximum return on your investment.

Fort Vale is the market leader in the design and manufacture of manways, valves and ancillaries for tank containers. We have a huge range of products to suit all liquid tank classifications – from food to high-hazardous materials – and a dedicated range of equipment for T50 compressed liquefied gas tanks.

We have the flexibility to help you with your bespoke design requirements as well as being able to manufacture large batch quantities of tank equipment sets.

We manufacture the most extensive range of road tanker equipment available in the industry for the diverse requirements of ADR and non-ADR road tankers.

As tanker technology becomes more sophisticated, we are responding with valve systems designed to suit the increased safety features demanded by the market.

Fort Vale equipment is easy to use, simple to maintain and supported worldwide.

Transfer and Storage

The market leading Safeload range of API bottom loading couplers is the first choice for many oil majors. Our expanding range of Safeload products for the Petroleum Transfer Industry includes Loading arm systems and API bottom loading couplers.

Safeload delivers the most secure connection with minimum wear to the truck adaptor and is proven to be reliable and very-long lasting in the relentless service conditions of a road-loading terminal.

We have a range of coupler options to suit a variety of operating environments and a complementary range of stainless steel loading arm solutions.

Process plant systems have specific demands, and we can provide special solutions for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. These include supply access hatches with polished finishes, sight glasses or vents. We also have an established range of specialized valves for the brewing industry as well as a variety of hygienic valve connections.

Talk to us about your process application – we have the flexibility to design and manufacture bespoke equipment.

Rail & Offshore

The rail wagon market is a highly diverse sector, both in terms of customer specifications and geographical operating conditions.

Fort Vale is the world-leading manufacturer of valves and fittings for chemical and fuel transfer systems – we are known for our innovation skills in the ISO and Road markets. Fort Vale has produced a new range of robust valves and access equipment, with versions that suit the requirements of the American and European Rail markets.

Our rail and offshore equipment range offers you complete safety and reliability in the most demanding environments.

Our equipment is used on tanks transporting chemicals, fuel, acids and waste cargoes. We have a range of fully-compliant equipment for all cargo applications, as well as a complementary range of dry disconnect couplings.

Our new rail equipment range offers you complete safety and reliability in the most demanding environments.

Design & Manufacture

Fort Vale believes in constant innovation. We listen to what our customers want and anticipate future trends, so our products are always evolving to benefit you.

We are the first manufacturer in the industry to have built a 3rd party approved test laboratory where we conduct air-flow and liquid-flow testing.  This facility gives us a unique insight into “real-life” scenarios and enables Fort Vale to make significant and informed contributions to the safety of pressurised tanks.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest machines and technology which means that we can satisfy all high-volume requirements as well as highly customised requests. We can produce complex component parts to a high tolerance and superior surface finish at our lost wax investment casting foundry.  This gives us maximum design flexibility to respond to your bespoke requirements, yielding consistency at competitive prices, so you can always rely on our superb quality standards.

Our valves conform to all current international codes and will offer the best protection for your tank and its cargo, giving you complete peace of mind.

Fort Vale Inc.
126 N. Virginia
La Porte
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Office: +001 281 471 8100