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United by Service. Driven by Solutions.

Family owned and operated, Ergon got its start more than six decades ago in the petroleum industry’s service sector. This company has grown into a well-diversified organization over the years, engaged in a number of industries related to the refining and marketing of specialty oils, asphalt, thermoplastic resins, petrochemicals, propane, and the necessary infrastructure to support those businesses.

Commitment to service is at the core of Ergon’s mission and values. A focus on hard work, reliable supply and quality products have contributed to the company’s steady growth over the years.

The evolution of Ergon, which started with one man’s idea of taking a used truck to deliver fuels to local construction companies and has since grown to serve customers in more than 90 countries, is evidence of Mr. Lampton’s gift for recognizing market needs, finding a way to meet those needs and building teams that he could rely on to get the job done.

Defining a Global Organization

All of the companies Mr. Lampton established were brought together in 1970 under the name Ergon, which in Greek means a measure of work. The word synergy became a key identifier, both as a nod to the company’s development over the years and as a vision for its future. The organization continues its evolution and expansion to this day through a variety of business segments including refining and marketing, specialty chemicals, asphalt and emulsions, midstream and logistics, oil and gas, construction and real estate.

Industries we serve:

Refining & Marketing
Specialty Chemicals
Asphalt & Emulsions
Midstream & Logistics
Oil & Gas
Construction & Real Estate

Address: P.O. Box 1639, Jackson, MS, 39215-1639, USA