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Dearman Systems

Founded in 1988, Dearman Systems has grown into a major player in the terminal automation space over the past 30 years. From its birthplace in sunny Tucson, Arizona, Dearman has expanded to service nearly 200 customers and 300 terminals worldwide.

With its expanded operations, including a new office in Houston, Dearman is onboarding new customers and terminals at a rapid pace.

Terminal automation and enterprise management software

Known as the most flexible product in the industry, Dearman’s software handles a wide variety of terminal types including bulk petroleum, chemical, renewable fuels, aviation, liquified natural gas (LNG) and liquified petroleum gas (LPG) terminals.

Additionally, Dearman’s enterprise management platform (UNITY) helps companies unify the data from multiple terminals in a single system for business intelligence, contracts and invoicing, inventory management, self-service scheduling, managing customer orders and more.

Terminal automation software: Flexible and secure

Dearman’s terminal automation software automates certain manual processes in a terminal, specifically around load authorization, product movement (via multiple transportation methods), product measurement, documentation, and reporting.

The software is flexible and open to integration with other siloed systems and hardware, including meter skids, weight scales, tank gauging systems, and secure access control systems.

Dearman has pre-built connectors to over 25 popular field devices and has built its core software with a modular design so it can be efficiently customized and tailored to customer needs.

Product philosophy (Reliable & affordable implementations)

  • Open to integration: Dearman’s software integrates with a wide variety of instrumentation (any device with an open protocol). Dearman does not impose any hardware requirements for its system
  • Customizable: Modular system design that allows for customization to client requirements at affordable rates. Companies can shape Dearman software to their existing operations
  • Reliability: Dearman’s philosophy is that it is generally beneficial to run terminal automation systems on-site, near the origination point of field device data, to ensure all communications are captured and utilized by the terminal automation process control. This distributes edge compute resources to each terminal and ensures operations are not interrupted by an internet outage.
  • Remote implementations: With access to high speed Internet and an on-site electrician/instrumentation technician, Dearman can do everything remotely including configuration, training, testing, and start up.

Terminal automation product offerings

  • RTG: Typically used by small to medium sized operations, RTG is designed to be remotely installed and comes in standard communication configurations (2-port or 4-port) depending on the number of devices you need to control. RTGs can be installed quickly, virtually right out of the box.
  • Highly scalable and customizable, can connect to an unlimited number of instruments to fully integrate your terminal operations across all transportation methods including truck, rail, barge, and pipeline.

Both RTG and support bottom and top loading of trucks, rail car loading and unloading, weigh scales, volume and mass metering, and manual loading. Communication with most automated tank gauging systems for real-time graphical display of product levels and volumes is standard functionality as is the emailing of BOLs and reports to any number of recipients.

Dearman’s software not only makes simple and secure remote management of terminals possible, but also makes customer self-scheduling and order management a reality.

UNITY is Dearman’s multi-terminal unification platform

Dearman’s UNITY product is a complete multi-terminal data unification platform that enables companies to share data between a central office and any number of terminals.

UNITY securely unifies data into a central hub and provides a reliable backup of on-site servers running RTG and terminal automation systems. Once connected, all terminal data is passed to UNITY and UNITY has write access to individual terminals.

UNITY knocks down data silos between terminals and serves as a platform for running business applications that draw on near real-time data from all your terminals.

  • Accounting & Reporting: Accounting and Reporting is primarily an accountant interface that provides access to, and reporting functions from, the UNITY database transactions records.
  • Contracts & Pricing: The Contracts & Pricing component of UNITY allows for the management of complex and diverse contracts and pricing mechanisms including: buy side, sell side, throughput, fee based, hourly based, and non-monetary price items. It establishes contract governance policies in accordance with an organization’s established business rules ensuring consistency, accountability, and improved visibility to authorized personnel.
  • Invoicing: The Invoicing component of UNITY allows users to generate invoices for monetary and time value of products and services. Invoicing can take place automatically or can be presented to managers for final approval before billing action occurs.
  • Inventory Management: Inventory Management is a fully functional dual entry system that provides a full audit trail for complex bulk liquids distribution inventory and reporting requirements. Immediately know which position holders have what products across all terminals.
  • LYNX – Order Management & Logistics Application: Batch, block, and single orders for any type of transport provide your customers with the ability to pre-determine the shipment or transfer of products. Simple authorization workflows, self-service scheduling, and real-time status listings improve transparency in the supply chain and reduce the need for manual communication.
  • Enterprise Reporting: Dearman has recently built a simplified, intuitive data structure for accessing all your terminal data in the business intelligence solution of your choice.


Address: 6137 E Grant Rd, Tucson, AZ 85712, United States