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Blastech Mobile a TF Warren Company

Blastech Mobile is a custom coating applicator with over 25 years of experience protecting investments in the industrial sector.

Blastech Mobile offers REDI-PLATE™, which are steel plates automatically prepared by utilizing centrifugal wheels and a steel grit / shot mixture to remove all scale and contaminates followed by the application of inorganic weldable primers. The durable REDI-PLATE™ can be cut, welded and shaped without damage and reduces disruptive and costly site preparation. Other protective coatings can be applied as well.

Markets served include storage tanks, vessels, wind tower, ship and barge building. 

Blastech Mobile offers:

  • Project management
  • NACE Level III inspections
  • Third party inspector collaboration
  • HD video recording
  • Individual quality records for each and every plate we process.
  • A system of gantry cranes to facilitate rapid and safe handling of plates and loads of up to 40 tons
  • Receipts and shipments by rail, road and barge.

Blastech Mobile’s quality system is strictly adhered to and thoroughly documented. All of our procedures are designed to maximize the longevity of the coatings systems applied by our highly trained personnel. We will always work with you to find the best corrosion solution for your project. Senior management establishes and develops the means to promote and encourage overall safety awareness and compliance throughout the company. Documenting and evaluating safety performance is equally important as it facilitates the recognition of successful safety achievements of eliminating workplace illnesses and injuries. Safety is always first.

Address: 12400 Highway 43 North, Axis, AL 36505, United States