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AR Watson

A.R. Watson has developed a unique method for lifting above ground storage tanks. Over 1000 bulk storage tanks of sizes up to 300 feet in diameter, 1800 tons in weight have been lifted using the technology, for which U.S. patent No. 5,232,202. and No. 5,397,103. have been issued. Further international patents are pending. The “Watson Air Lift®” Technology utilizes air bags placed beneath the tank walls to lift the tank, incrementally to any height. Each air bag inflation lifts the tank approximately 6 inches.


We understand our clients need to get something done as fast and as painless as possible. But even more,  we understand we need to provide an excellent service and product to protect your investments. Your needs are our priority.


Using Patented Air Bag Technology and constantly updating Engineering process, we can lift any size tank to Inspect, Move, Repair or install greater protection. From local to world wide, we do it all with the same compassion and effort since when we started over 30 years ago.


Lifting is only the first step. With a 100% visual inspection, we find and repair any tank or foundation to allow for heavy use using proper foundation techniques that has been perfected over the years.


From correcting drainage problems to joining tank farms together to maximize terminal facilities. there area several reason why a tank may need to be moved. whatever the reason is, we can move it by truck, tracks or barge. Just let know you have a tank and we do the rest.


We haven’t been around the world because we don’t know what we are doing. We have a highly trained staff that knows how to get the job done, right. So no matter the problem you may have, we will plan and execute the job correctly no matter how hard the work may be. The excellent final product is piece of mind.