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Quorum Closes TietoEVRY Deal

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The oil and gas industry technology provider Quorum Software has closed its acquisition of TietoEVRY’s Oil and Gas software business, which includes Energy Components solutions for hydrocarbon accounting and management and DaWinci solutions for personnel and materials logistics.

Earlier this year, Quorum merged with Aucerna, a provider of integrated planning, execution, and reserves software for the energy industry.

“Energy Components and DaWinci solutions are international standards in the energy industry, and the talented employees who support them are valuable additions to our team,” said Gene Austin, CEO of Quorum Software.

The newly combined company will operate as Quorum Software. The transactions will empower Quorum to connect operations to the boardroom and deliver on customer priorities to automate critical workflows, integrate data across the organization, and drive intelligent business insights.

Today, Quorum serves more than 1,800 energy customers of all sizes, from startups to supermajors, across 55 countries. 

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