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Pivotal LNG Provides RLNG in World First

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US firm Pivotal LNG has completed the first delivery of renewable LNG (RLNG) to Harvey Gulf International Marine’s CO2-neutral platform supply vessel (PSV).

The tri-fuel vessel operates exclusively on LNG and battery power, with diesel fuel as a backup. This makes it the first carbon-neutral platform supply vessel in the world.

“We are pleased that we could partner with Harvey Gulf and Element Markets to effectuate this delivery, contributing to reducing carbon emissions and a cleaner environment,” said Roger Williams from BHE GT&S, the parent company of Pivotal LNG.

The RLNG delivered to the PSV uses negative-carbon-intensity biomethane from swine waste supplied by Element Markets. The LNG was sourced at Pivotal LNG’s production facility located in Trussville, Alabama.

Pivotal LNG has the same RLNG delivery capability from JAX LNG, its facility in Jacksonville, Florida, and its LNG facility in Towanda, Pennsylvania.

Renewable natural gas (RNG) is compatible with existing natural gas infrastructure. Therefore, it is a practical and replicable source of energy that mitigates carbon emissions. RLNG is a clear pathway to net-zero emissions for the marine industry.

“We are pleased to be part of the significant progress underway in decarbonising marine transportation and congratulate Pivotal LNG and Harvey Gulf for their sustainability leadership,” said Angela Schwarz, CEO of Element Markets.

Currently, Harvey Gulf owns five PSVs that can be fuelled by RLNG. This specifically enables clients who charter the vessels to obtain a Carbon Neutral Certificate for their related operations.

“We look forward to growing our relationship with Pivotal LNG as our clients move towards RLNG in order to reduce emissions within 25 miles of a drilling location,” said Shane Guidry, CEO of Harvey Gulf.

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