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Ondas Holdings’ Airobotics receives $2.6 million order for Optimus Drone Systems in Dubai, UAE

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Ondas Holdings Inc., a leading provider of private industrial wireless networks and commercial drone and automated data solutions, announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Airobotics LTD, has received a $2.6 million order for immediate delivery of additional Optimus Systems from a local governmental entity in Dubai for public safety and emergency response operations. Since 2020, the Optimus System has been extensively utilised by this local governmental entity in Dubai which has carried out thousands of operational drone flights without human intervention under challenging environmental conditions in densely populated areas demonstrating urban drone infrastructure for public safety and emergency response use cases.

“We continue to provide Optimus Systems to this governmental entity as they expand the fleet of installed infrastructure in Dubai,” said Eric Brock, chairman and CEO of Ondas. “The Optimus drone is demonstrating its reliability, having already completed thousands of flights over densely populated areas. The recent receipt of a first of its kind Airworthiness Type Certification from the US Federal Aviation Administration demonstrates the high level of maturity, automation, and aerial capabilities of our Optimus System.”

“We are proud to receive an additional order for Optimus Systems from our customer in Dubai,” said Meir Kliner, Airobotics’ CEO and president of the Ondas Autonomous Systems business unit. “We are working to grow our Optimus deployments in Dubai and fulfill the vision of a fully automated urban drone infrastructure for public safety and emergency response. Together with Ondas’ American Robotics, we are bringing these capabilities to the United States where we can leverage the Optimus drone FAA Type Certificate required to enable similar operations.”

Ondas has established a leadership position in developing, maturing, and commercialising automated drone systems through its OAS business unit comprising of American Robotics Inc. and Airobotics LTD. Through American Robotics, Ondas is at the forefront of a pivotal moment in the aviation, drone, and data industries, with its leadership in expanding automated BVLOS operations. Airobotics’ Optimus System is being commercially deployed as Urban Drone Infrastructure in cities where automated fleets of Optimus drones are installed and remotely operated for smart city and public safety applications. The Optimus drone recently achieved an Airworthiness Type Certification from the Federal Aviation Administration and is the first small UAS developed for aerial security and data capture to receive a Type Certificate. The Type Certificate allows for more expanded operations in urban settings including the operation over people, roads and highways and critical infrastructure. With unique FAA approvals for BVLOS operations, the expected garnering of Type Certification for its Optimus drone and the proven safety and high reliability of the Optimus System in urban settings, Ondas is paving the way for the future of commercial drones.

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