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NGL Completes New Mexico Wastewater Project

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NGL Energy Partners has successfully completed the first of two large scale Delaware Basin wastewater recycling projects in Lea County, New Mexico.

The initial project, which began in late May, supported one of its customers’ simultaneous fracturing completion activities. Utilizing its own produced water, the Partnership treated and provided approximately 130,000 barrels per day, with peak volumes of up to 140,000 barrels per day.

This project eliminated the need for over 5,000,000 barrels of fresh water. The second large scale recycling project will begin later this month. It is expected to provide 200,000 to 250,000 barrels per day, and potentially up to 350,000 barrels per day of recycled wastewater to a leading independent oil and gas producer.

NGL continues to see increasing demand for delivery of raw produced and recycled wastewater for customers’ completion activities in the Delaware Basin. Combined sales of raw produced wastewater for reuse and recycle are expected to average between 180,000 and 190,000 barrels per day through the first six months of this fiscal year, representing more than 85% of estimated total water sales.

This raw produced and recycled wastewater is delivered through NGL’s integrated pipeline network and treated using a proven and simplified mobile system that is positioned to take full advantage of its comprehensive integrated wastewater pipeline system providing support to producer activity throughout the Delaware Basin.

“We are committed to full lifecycle water management for our customers while keeping a keen focus on the environment,” commented Doug White, executive vice-president of NGL Water Solutions. “As the leader in sales of raw produced and recycled wastewater in the Delaware Basin, we believe our simplified approach is the best way for us to continue to provide safe, efficient, reliable and ESG friendly solutions to our customers.”

NGL owns and operates the largest integrated network of large diameter wastewater pipelines, disposal wells and raw produced reuse and recycling system in the Delaware Basin. The Partnership’s Water Solutions segment operates in several the most prolific crude oil and natural gas producing basins, including the Delaware, Midland, Eagle Ford and DJ Basins.

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