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NextEra Energy Resources and South Sioux City, Nebraska, announce agreement

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NextEra Analytics, Inc., a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, and South Sioux City, Neb., have announced an agreement to implement a NextEra 360™ Energy Management System to optimize energy use and reduce the city’s carbon emissions.

Derived from the company’s expertise using data and artificial intelligence to create energy solutions, NextEra 360 is a comprehensive energy management software, which increases operational efficiency, reduces costs and accelerates decarbonization.

Under the agreement, NEA will configure and integrate a combination of hardware, software and data services between South Sioux City operations and two cogeneration units owned by one of the city’s customers. The project will reduce net load during peak hours, reduce costs, lower emissions and enable South Sioux City’s access to real-time load monitoring and savings calculations.

“With the implementation of NextEra 360, we are honored to continue the long-standing NextEra Energy Resources relationship with South Sioux City and contribute to the city’s sustainability efforts,” said Richard Argentieri, president of NextEra Analytics. “Combining advanced technology and world-class renewable energy expertise, our proprietary platform enables organizations to meet energy management goals, including optimization for low-cost sustainable energy.”

South Sioux City has an ongoing commitment to adopt strategies toward reducing climate change and its impact, the use of alternative energy resources and promoting environmental health.

“We believe that using innovative methods to leverage data is a key to better serving our customers and meeting our sustainability goals,” said Mayor Rod Koch of South Sioux City. “With NextEra 360, we will have a detailed view of our emissions data, allowing for the efficient dispatch of energy resources, and, as a result, the city’s energy costs will decrease.”

The city has previously collaborated with NextEra Energy Resources to benefit from its Renewable Energy Storage Project. This project stores solar energy from South Sioux City’s 21-acre solar farm to bring clean, renewable energy to residents at times when the sun is not shining.

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