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EPC Consortium of Mitsubishi Power, TIC and Sargent & Lundy to build Entergy Texas’ power station

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A consortium of Mitsubishi Power Americas, Inc., Sargent & Lundy and TIC—The Industrial Company will provide Entergy Texas with engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services to build the Orange County Advanced Power Station (OCAPS). The Public Utility Commission of Texas approved Entergy Texas’ proposal to build the 1,215 megawatt (MW) combined-cycle power plant near Bridge City, Texas.

The consortium partners’ combined expertise will help Entergy progress toward its energy transition goal:

• Sargent & Lundy, known for its advanced class combined-cycle engineering experience, is the Engineer of Record.

• TIC, which has a strong record for safe on-time construction, is the Constructor.

• Mitsubishi Power, a world leader in power generation and storage solutions, is supplying its hydrogen-capable power train which includes two M501JAC enhanced air-cooled gas turbines, steam turbine, heat recovery steam generator, and advanced control system.

President and CEO of Entergy Texas Eliecer Viamontes, said, “The OCAPS facility will power the rapidly growing Southeast Texas region for years to come and continue our mission of providing cleaner, more reliable, and lower-cost energy for our customers. Additionally, the ability to unlock the plant’s hydrogen co-firing capability supports the plant’s long-term viability and will benefit our customers. OCAPS will be strategically located near hydrogen producers, pipeline, storage and off-takers to leverage this important source of clean and reliable energy in the future.”

“Through the strong collaboration and the extensive expertise of the project partners, we are strategically equipped to help Entergy achieve its decarbonization goals,” said Kurt Clardy, Senior Vice President of TIC. “We look forward to leveraging our vast experience to safely construct this industry-leading facility.”

Sargent & Lundy Chairman, President & CEO Victor Suchodolski said, “Being selected as the engineer of record is a wonderful opportunity for us to support Entergy’s long-term decarbonization goals. Along with our advanced class combined-cycle engineering experience, Sargent & Lundy has a deep understanding of the complexities associated with developing large-scale projects like this. We are closer to a cleaner energy future as we work with our partners to reach their 2050 net zero carbon targets.”

Bill Newsom, President and CEO, Mitsubishi Power Americas, said, “Mitsubishi Power realizes that to reach net zero carbon goals, we need to assemble teams with complementary expertise. We have been honored to work with Entergy on several recently commissioned power plants. We look forward to continued progress with Entergy and our EPC partners TIC and Sargent & Lundy. To reach net zero carbon by 2050, we must all do our part. Whether an OEM, a contractor, a producer or consumer, we’re all ‘The Power Generation.’ Together we are creating a Change in Power.”

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