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Luis Fernandez was nominated for the April Team Spotlight

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Luis Fernandez, Operations Manager, Miami, FL, joined Ceres Terminals because of the great safety culture and he loves the fundamentals and operations. He has been in the maritime industry for 26 years, starting with Ceres in 2007 to 2014 and then coming back to Ceres in April 2021. Luis’ grandfather was a stevedore so he has always had a love for the maritime industry.

With a commitment to success, Luis has cultivated a safe and productive environment in Miami, FL, handling around 20-30 ships per month. Luis gives the credit to his amazing team who work toward building a successful operation. Every day, Luis and his team load approximately 15,000 bags per vessel and service approximately 6-7 vessels per week.

The team in Miami, FL, has been utilizing the TAWI baggage lifting machine in the luggage room. This helps prevent unplanned accidents and lost time incidents. Luis says that ‘safety’ is a constant conversation in Miami. Recently, Luis told us about this machine and how it helps his team.

Ceres is honoured to have Luis on the team and we hope to continue seeing great things from him and his team.

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