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L.B. Foster Company Awarded Order

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L.B. Foster Company, a global solutions provider of products and services for the rail and infrastructure markets, has announced that the Company’s Protective Coatings business in Birmingham, Alabama, through its customer American Cast Iron Pipe Company (“ACIPCO”), has been awarded an order for 2.5 million feet of 24-inch fusion bond epoxy coated pipe and an additional quantity of 24-inch abrasion resistant overcoat coated pipe for the Summit Carbon Solutions LLC (“Summit Carbon Solutions”) carbon capture, transportation, and storage (“CCS”) project. The contract will represent one of the largest orders that the Birmingham line pipe coating facility has filled.

The coated pipe will be used to build 2,000 miles of pipeline for Summit Carbon Solutions’ project that is proposed to operate in South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska and capture, compress, and transport carbon dioxide through a pipeline from biorefineries and other industrial plants before being permanently sequestered in a safe storage facility in North Dakota. The pipeline will be constructed with high-strength steel and can transport up to 12 million tons of CO2 per year.

Brian Friedman, Vice President of Steel Products & Measurement at L.B. Foster, commented, “We’re pleased to serve ACIPCO and contribute to Summit Carbon Solutions’ CCS project, which benefits include opening economic opportunities for critical Midwest-based industries and strengthening the agricultural marketplace for farmers. The completed CCS pipeline is designed to reduce the carbon footprint of America’s renewable biofuels industry while utilizing American pipe and coating. Our partnership with ACIPCO stretches over 30 years and we’re thrilled to continue to contribute alongside their American Steel Pipe division in the strengthening of America’s energy and environmental infrastructure.”

The pipeline is expected to be operational in 2024.

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