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Kinder Morgan’s New Pipeline Deal

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Tennessee Gas Pipeline (TGP), which is a subsidiary of Kinder Morgan Inc, and Southwestern Energy Company, have announced the initiation of a responsibly sourced natural gas (RSG) strategic agreement.

The goal of the agreement is to further reduce methane emissions across the natural gas value chain by receiving and transporting RSG to market and, in this case, specifically to a market in the Northeast.

RSG is natural gas that has been produced from a natural gas well and transported by companies whose operations have been independently verified as meeting certain environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards, particularly related to methane emission reductions.

RSG goes through a rigorous verification process to certify that it meets or exceeds the standards established by the ONE Future coalition, which are designed to achieve a 1 percent or lower methane intensity level, or 99 percent methane efficiency, by 2025.

With this agreement, Project Canary will apply its TrustWellTM certification process and continuous emissions monitoring devices to SWN production sites in the Appalachian Basin, ensuring a methane intensity rate of 0.28 percent or lower, per ONE Future upstream targets (production, compression and gathering).

SWN achieved an intensity rate of 0.055 percent in 2019, according to its annual Corporate Responsibility report, and is pursuing further emission reductions through various initiatives.

The KMI transportation network, including TGP, has significantly beat its 0.31 percent ONE Future transmission target with a rate of only 0.03 percent in 2019, as published in the company’s latest ESG report.

As part of the agreement, SWN will produce and TGP will transport the RSG on its existing pipeline infrastructure to benefit a large market in the Northeast where the distribution of the RSG is expected to power the equivalent of approximately 100,000 homes annually while reducing GHG emissions equal to the removal of approximately 5,000 internal combustion engine vehicles from the road. The market will begin experiencing the benefits of RSG November 1, 2021.

TGP and SWN are both founding members of the ONE Future Coalition, working together to reduce methane emissions and to ensure the future of natural gas as a long-term sustainable fuel.

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