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Intertek to Provide Auditing Services for Methane Emission Certification

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Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, is proud to announce that it is accredited as an MiQ Auditor for the Onshore Production Standard, and will be helping to ensure the transparency, credibility, and independence of methane emissions certification.

Methane emissions are proving to be a significant climate risk. At COP26 more than 100 countries agreed to The Global Methane Pledge, a collective effort to reduce global methane emissions by at least 30% from 2020 levels by 2030. As companies search for ways to curb emissions, they also need trusted and consistent emission certification standards by which to measure emissions and benchmark against peers. A leading methane emissions certification standard, MiQ creates incentives for the reduction of methane emissions across the oil and gas sector by delivering a thriving market for independently certified gas.

As an Auditor for the Onshore Production Standard, Intertek will use the MiQ Standard, an independent framework for assessing methane emissions from the production of natural gas, to help assess how well a producer or facility is managing operational methane emissions. MiQ auditors evaluate the methane intensity, company practices and monitoring technology deployment on a client’s production facility to provide a grade. These grades allow producers to differentiate their natural gas.

Intertek is committed to sustainability. The company has launched numerous initiatives supporting independent, consistent and measurable emission evaluation, whether that be carbon, methane or other greenhouse gases. Intertek’s CarbonClear and CarbonZero programs, some of the most recent additions to Intertek’s service portfolio, provide the trusted and detailed evaluation and reporting that companies have come to rely on. With lead auditors based in the Americas, Europe and Asia, Intertek is well-positioned to provide the global expert support companies need to help them achieve their sustainability goals.

J.R. Batek, Intertek CarbonClear and CarbonZero program director, said, “Intertek is honored to be accredited for auditing onshore productions to the MiQ standard. By helping clients differentiate their natural gas, we help ensure continued investments in better gas.”

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