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Intertek Surpasses Milestone and Uses RiskAware to Ensure Supply Chain Quality and Safety

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Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, reaches another milestone and continues to promote harnessing the power of data to help global customers ensure quality and safety in their supply chains.

Data, more than ever, has become a vital element in not only determining quality and safety trends but also delivering the proactive insights that equipment purchasers use to make informed decisions relating to supplier performance. Supply chain risks such as equipment criticality ratings and vendor risk assessments can be mitigated by utilizing historical non-conformance report (NCR) rates, equipment defect reasons, delivery overruns and other observations made by Intertek technical experts during their vendor inspection visits.

Intertek inspection personnel are strategically located in the world’s major industrial centers, supporting critical industries such as oil & gas, power generation, hydrogen, construction, transportation, chemical and more. The company maintains a long-standing history as a leader in global vendor inspection services, and during each visit our personnel gather and analyze hundreds of data points from NCRs, inspection and testing results as well as health, safety and environment (HSE) reports.

Intertek’s Industry Services division has decades of industry experience and insights, and most recently the team surpassed a 10-year milestone of four million global inspection visits during which vast amounts of data were gathered. Our RiskAware platform brings our customers powerful benefits, using our extensive knowledge and analysis to pinpoint higher-risk areas for increased inspection focus and reduce spend on lower-risk areas.

With RiskAware, customers are able to establish more efficient and cost-effective inspection programs that address areas of higher risk thus helping reduce the cost of quality. In other words, the cost of ensuring quality through real-time analytics and aggregated data is less than the cost of project delays, equipment and operational failure and fabrication rework.

Learn more about Intertek’s vendor inspection services and how Intertek RiskAware can help you reduce the cost of quality.

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