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Integrity Announces Option to Purchase 280-Acres

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Integrity Terminals LLC has acquired the option to purchase 280-acres of land within the Louisiana refining corridor near Baton Rouge. Upon completion, the facility will provide an estimated 6.9mm barrels of crude oil, petroleum, green/bio-fuel(s), and non-petroleum product storage on the Mississippi river in south-central Louisiana.

The greenfield facility will provide customers with rail service, pipeline access, deep water transportation, and a fuel distribution truck rack. The land purchase is subject to final engineering and permitting approvals.

Integrity Terminals is a crude oil, petroleum product, biofuel, green energy, and non-petroleum compound(s) bulk storage project.

Chief commercial officer for Diamond Rose Development & Integrity Terminals, Mark Richmond, said: “We feel, after extensive research, that this is the right project, right place, and right time. We have formulated a product mix that will ensure diversity in midstream storage services to increase support for the Louisiana refining corridor, from Baton Rouge to New Orleans and beyond. We have selected a site that can utilize four modes of transportation that will provide access to both import and export markets.”

He added: “We are very excited to announce that the project, upon completion, will provide an estimated 120+ permanent, long term, high paying, skilled/unskilled positions for the community.  Initially, the project will provide over 500+ construction related jobs for successful completion.

“We anticipate a 36-month construction timeline, with all four modes of transportation and 1.29mm barrels coming online during the initial 24 month build out of phase 1. Our team has begun the process of engineering, site suitability investigation, and permitting.  At this time, we estimate that construction can begin as early as Q4 of 2022.”

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