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HMT awarded Gold and Diamond Safety Awards by LBC at 2024 global safety day

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The dedicated OneHMT team had the privilege of attending the LBC Global Safety Day events at the Seabrook, TX, and Sunshine, LA, facilities. These events provided an opportunity for celebration and learning through a day filled with collaboration and recognition.

The highlight of these events was the recognition HMT received for its unwavering commitment to safety. HMT proudly walked away with three prestigious awards for safety excellence:

  • HMT: LBC Contractor Safety Excellence Award 2023 – Diamond
  • HMT Inspection: LBC Contractor Safety Excellence Award – Gold
  • HMT Products: LBC Contractor Safety Excellence Award – Gold

These accolades are a testament to the hard work and dedication of every member of the HMT team, showcasing their collective commitment to upholding the highest safety standards.

Chris Strain, general manager of HMT Inspection, expressed gratitude, saying, “Thank you, LBC, for this incredible recognition. We are proud to have received these awards for our efforts and commitment to safety. We always appreciate the chance to highlight the hard work and dedication of every HMT team member. Together, we will continue to prioritize safety in everything we do, ensuring the well-being of our team and those we work with.”

Beyond the awards, the day offered opportunities to forge connections and share experiences. The HMT team participated in sessions led by various contractors, gaining insights on topics ranging from fall protection to hot work. These discussions were applicable to their professional practices and resonated with their personal lives, emphasizing the importance of safety in all aspects.

A standout moment was the enlightening session by Richard Wilds, East HSEQ manager. He shared valuable insights into the REACH card program and its success within the team, highlighting the effectiveness of HMT’s safety initiatives and the vital role each member plays in maintaining high safety standards.

Darrel Heil, LBC maintenance supervisor, remarked, “From work to friendship, working with our local HMT Team is a pleasure. Our local HMT Team presented the REACH program at our Global Safety Day. I had some contractors reaching out the next morning wanting more information on HMT’s REACH program. I was very happy to share the information with them and proud that it was presented at our event.”

Additionally, the team had the chance to showcase all lines of their business through a trailer presentation, reinforcing their commitment to safety across every aspect of operations. It was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their dedication to excellence and solidify their reputation as global industry leaders.

The event was further enriched by shared meals and conversations, strengthening the bonds between HMT and LBC teams. The camaraderie and mutual respect underscored the importance of collaboration in achieving safety milestones.

HMT is incredibly grateful to the LBC team for their hospitality and for providing such a fantastic platform to celebrate and learn. Their commitment to safety excellence continues, fueled by a shared dedication to ensuring the well-being of everyone involved.

Congratulations to the entire OneHMT team for these remarkable achievements. Together, they will continue to prioritize safety in everything they do, ensuring the well-being of their team and the success of their endeavors.

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