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Gibson Energy maintains industry-leading safety performance and sustainability leadership position

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Gibson Energy Inc. is pleased to announce another successful year of industry-leading safety performance, achieving top quartile safety performance among North American peers for the second consecutive year. In 2022, the Company also maintained and enhanced its position as an industry sustainability leader, as identified by globally recognized ESG rating agencies, due to its continued environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) achievements. Gibson will continue to build off its solid foundation by identifying opportunities in 2023 and beyond, to ambitiously advance its sustainability journey and further leverage its world-class asset base to support global energy transition.

“In order to deliver strong and sustainable outcomes across our business, it starts with our uncompromising goal that all of our employees and contractors get home safely at the end of their day,” said Steve Spaulding, President and Chief Executive Officer. “We are proud of our continued industry-leading safety performance and more broadly, another year of exceptional performance against our ESG goals. It is our commitment to play an integral role in the Canadian energy value chain and demonstrate our leadership in the midstream energy space.”

Gibson’s sustainability strategy is underpinned by innovative, purpose-driven initiatives that generate long-term value for our key stakeholders including investors, employees, customers, communities, Indigenous rightsholders, governments and suppliers.

“We intend to lead by example as the world transitions to a more sustainable future,” said Sean Wilson, Senior Vice President, Chief Administrative and Sustainability Officer. “Being recognized by key ESG rating agencies as an industry leader only further motivates our dedicated teams. Looking ahead, Gibson will continue to look for opportunities to improve our operations, including further emissions reduction, enhancing our efforts to protect biodiversity and advancing our Indigenous Relations plans.”

2022 ESG Update

Gibson reaffirmed its leadership in sustainability through top quartile rankings across key globally recognized ESG rating agencies.

Current ESG Ratings:

With an overarching goal to continue to be a Sustainability and ESG leader, in 2022 Gibson:

  • Maintained its target of top quartile safety performance among peers for the second year in a row with a Total Recordable Injury Frequency rate of 0.46 for employees, and a Lost Time Injury Frequency and Recordable Vehicle Incident
  • Frequency rates of 0 for both employees and contractors for the third year in a row
  • Published its 2021 Sustainability Report, including an update on progress towards its ambitious 2025 and 2030 ESG targets as well as Net Zero by 2050 target
  • Continued to make meaningful progress in further reducing its GHG emissions, including completing a project to transition its Moose Jaw Facility from a feedstock-based fuel supply to natural gas, resulting in an estimated Scope 1 reduction of approximately 5,000 tCO2e annually
  • Achieved its targets of having at least 40 percent women and at least one Board member who identifies as a racial and ethnic minority and/or Indigenous Person on the Company’s Board of Directors, as well as having 20 percent racial and ethnic minority and/or Indigenous representation on the executive team, ahead of the 2025 target dates
  • Published its Indigenous Relations Guiding Principles to continue embedding principles of Truth and Reconciliation into its culture, decision-making and operational and business practices at all levels of the organization
  • Named as one of Alberta’s Top 75 Employers and Canada’s Best Diversity Employers by the annual Canada’s Top 100 Employers project
  • Maintained a best-in-class position in employee participation in our community giving program with a rate of 89 percent
  • Contributed over $1,500,000 to communities, the highest contribution in the Company’s history
  • Added to the GLIO/GRESB ESG Index, the world’s first specialist ESG-filtered listed infrastructure index

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