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ExxonMobil Signs With Veritank

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Square Robot and its subsidiary Veritank have signed a global agreement with ExxonMobil to develop and deploy in-service robotic inspection services in above ground storage tanks around the world.

The initial phase of the agreement will see Square Robot’s industry-leading robots used to provide services to ExxonMobil throughout the US, UK, Europe, and the Far East. Square Robot’s autonomous robotic solution delivers in-service inspection – which potentially helps with minimizing vapor and chemical releases while maintaining tank operations.

Simultaneously, ExxonMobil is supporting Square Robot’s development program for next generation robots. ExxonMobil’s support will accelerate this program, with first deployments due for field trials later this year.

David Lamont, Square Robot CEO, said: “With tank integrity and storage a major issue across all industries, especially in a time of cautious commodity pricing, our solution dramatically reduces the costs of inspection and intervention with no compromise on data or information quality.”

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