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Epicore Teams Up With Chevron For Hydration Study

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Epicore Biosystems has announced an agreement with Chevron USA to evaluate wearable sensors to track dehydration biomarkers of ‘industrial athletes’ in field settings.

The assessment includes a study to establish baseline hydration measurements to validate the clinical relevance of the approach for oil and gas teams working in strenuous environments.

Roozbeh Ghaffari, CEO of Epicore Biosystems, said: “Wearable technologies will play a transformative role in the future of hydration management for industrial athletes. We are excited to collaborate with Chevron to assess the Discovery Patch and Analytics Platform, and raise awareness about the debilitating effects of heat stress and dehydration in workers.”

“Chevron’s commitment to digital solutions serves as a foundational example for workplace safety research, paving the way for the characterization of risk factors that contribute to injury and interventions,” said Stephen Lee, CTO of Epicore Biosystems.

Epicore Biosystems spun out of Northwestern University’s Querrey-Simpson Institute for Bioelectronics. The company has developed wearable microfluidic products and analytics solutions that are capable of non-invasively measuring metabolic and digital biomarkers in real-time, across a range of applications including worker safety, sports and fitness, and remote healthcare. For more information visit: