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Deep Trekker ROV Launch

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Deep Trekker has launched a new submersible remotely operated vehicle (ROV), Pivot.

Pivot is equipped with six strong thrusters powered by lithium ion batteries and has 97 degree rotating tool positioning pilots that can take advantage of flexible imaging options and convenient tool manipulation from a stable platform. The 220 degree range of motion on the HD camera allows users to complete inspections in a straightforward manner.

“The PIVOT is a completely reimagined submersible ROV,” said Deep Trekker President Sam Macdonald. “The third ROV to fill our line, the Pivot is the perfect middle ground between our DTG3 and our Revolution ROVs.”

Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, Deep Trekker creates submersible ROVs, utility vehicles and pipe crawlers.

“At Deep Trekker we’re proud of our robust vehicles and the PIVOT is no exception,” explained Macdonald. “The carbon fiber and aluminum frame combined with stainless steel components, magnetically coupled thrusters and intelligent design ensures that operators can trust their vehicle to get the job done.”

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