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Dearman’s Multi-terminal Data Unification

Read Time: 2 mins

Many bulk liquid storage companies struggle to unify data from multiple terminals and fractionation sites in their portfolio. While terminal automation systems can aggregate data at the terminal level, operations leaders have not had a quality software product to securely and effectively unify their data across terminal facilities.

This creates a few problems for operators:

– Delayed or inaccurate reporting to corporate headquarters leading to frustrated executives and customers

– Lack of central data source to garner insights about business performance

– Difficult to automate billing and accounting

– No central management capability for automation systems

Operators have had to throw their hands up when encountering these problems…Unless they have come across the Dearman UNITY product, the multi-terminal unification product in the Dearman Systems Terminal Automation Platform.

UNITY allows you to share data between a central office and any number of terminals, fractionation sites, and other assets in real-time. UNITY serves as a secure data hub for Dearman-built business applications or a reliable ETL pipeline for other applications and data warehouses.

UNITY key benefits:

– Full picture of all your terminal operations in one place

– Automate contract enforcement and invoicing

– Eliminate data silos and stale spreadsheets

– Improve the customer experience by providing better reports in less time

– Control administrative settings and details of all terminals from a single application

Make stale spreadsheets and siloed data a thing of the past with UNITY.

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